2013 Frontline Excellence Series
Receive this Series of 6 webinars for the price of 5! Offer ended 7/31/13.

A series of 6 webinars designed especially for frontline staff!

Providing on-going, quality training for frontline staff can be a challenge. Yet, increasing the frontline’s skills and competence is the key to providing exceptional member service, reducing loss, and improving the credit union’s bottom line. Because the frontline is the “face” of the credit union, members rely on them to be knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. A member’s loyalty can begin – and end – based on their experience with frontline staff.

This specially-designed series will provide the necessary training so the frontline can perform and improve their wide-ranging skills with assurance and accuracy. Staff may register for the entire series or for individual sessions. By signing up for the entire series, you will receive 6 webinars for the price of 5. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution for training the entire frontline.

Frontline Excellence Series Topics

Session Dates & Descriptions

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Pacific
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Mountain
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Central
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Eastern

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February 6, 2013
Dissecting Regulation CC: Holds, Substitute Checks & Check Clearing

Mary-Lou Heighes, Compliance Plus, Inc.

Understanding the credit union’s check hold rights and responsibilities can mean the difference between taking a loss and avoiding a loss. Although members may want to use deposited funds immediately, there are times when applying holds can save the credit union (and in some cases the member) from having an item returned. Join us to learn about the maximum timeframes and circumstances for correctly placing deposit holds.

Then there is the return process. This webinar will address the specific timeframes in which to return an item unpaid and the required notifications to the financial institution where the item was deposited. Also, in this era of remote deposit capture and substitute checks, it is important to understand what a substitute check is (and what it is not), plus the additional rights and liabilities that substitute checks entail.

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April 3, 2013
The Key to Cross Selling & Member Retention

Tim Tivis, Pinnacle Training Group

Long-term success for your credit union is based on your commitment and ability to gain and maintain satisfied members. Studies have proven that the more products and services owned, the greater the member retention. The key to successfully adding additional products and services is often determined by how the frontline approaches the promotion process. This webinar will cover the steps toward influencing decision making in your credit union’s favor, while providing a non-threatening, highly-effective approach to cross selling. Discover how to give members the “I have no reason to look elsewhere” mentality. You will also learn the CLIENT Promotion System that will help the frontline identify and act upon cross-selling and referral opportunities every day.

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May 16, 2013
Compliance at Account Closing

Ann Brode, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

There is much to be aware of when closing an account. It’s important to balance the demands of providing outstanding service with regulatory requirements and prudent operating procedures. Are you certain of the individual’s identity? Does this person have authority to close the account? Are other signatures required? How and when are the funds disbursed? Does the account have increased BSA risk due to cash volumes, wires, etc? What disclosures are required? This webinar will address all these questions and more. Tools and checklists to ensure compliance will be provided.

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July 17, 2013
Avoiding Loss at the Teller Line

Mary-Lou Heighes, Compliance Plus, Inc.

From verifying someone’s authority to transact to recognizing suspicious activity, every teller should strive to improve performance and guard against loss. How do you deal with endorsement issues, account-ownership disputes, and schemes designed to defraud? How can you protect the member and the credit union? How does your position on the frontline uniquely enable you to avoid loss? What if a member is trying to “pull a fast one” on you? Join us for this webinar and learn how to spot certain signs and activities that indicate fraud attempts.

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September 11, 2013
Detecting Counterfeit Items & Fraudulent ID

Barry Thompson, Thompson Consulting Group, LLC

Protecting your credit union and its members is everyone’s responsibility – especially the frontline. When an unknown member approaches the teller line there are only three items tellers can use to detect the fraud:

  1. The item presented
  2. The individual presenting the item
  3. The identification the individual provides

False identification, counterfeit items, and scams that can fool an untrained person mean major losses for the credit union. This program will instruct those staff members most likely to encounter these attacks on how to identify and stop the criminal.

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November 7, 2013
Advanced Endorsement Issues: POAs, Businesses, Trusts & More

Mary-Lou Heighes, Compliance Plus, Inc.

Who has the right to endorse that check? The answers are very straightforward – complicated only by what the member wants us to do. Learning the correct, legal endorsement requirements can alleviate confusion and allow you to quickly and confidently handle member inquiries and situations regarding deposit items. Handling endorsements for fiduciaries, such as a trustee, business-account signatory, or power-of-attorney can be frustrating if the rules aren’t completely understood. This webinar will examine the applicable rules for each situation, so you will be able to apply your new knowledge in each instance as it arises.

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